UNC School of Medicine

In conjunction with the University of North Carolina’s Department of Emergency Medicine, WEPPA shares equal responsibility for providing didactic and clinical teaching for UNC’s Emergency Medicine Residency program.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at the University of Chapel Hill was ACGME approved in 2008 and is accredited to host four Fellows. Clinically, this program is based almost exclusively from within the WakeMed system. WEPPA provides the program with administrative leadership, and the position of Fellowship Director is held by a WEPPA physician. The fellows are primarily trained in either Pediatrics or Emergency Medicine. WakeMed’s Children’s Emergency Department serves as the primary training site.

WEPPA is proud to support this important endeavor, by providing an enthusiastic faculty comprised of physicians with expertise in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
If you wish to learn more about the program, please follow the link below to the official fellowship website.